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Navy Zippo

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Navy Zippo

The loyalty of Zippo employees, customers, and collectors have made this one of the largest U.S. companies through its 75-year – history. This true American icon has its beginnings in the 1930s, at the Country Club of Bradford in Bradford, Pennsylvania with the founder, George Blaisdell they saw a friend with a lighter Austrian clumsy awkward fact. The lighter worked well, even in the wind, because the fireplace design. However, its appearance was utilitarian. Its use requires two hands, and its thin metal surface dented easily

Mr. Blaisdell was nicknamed "Mr. Zippo" World War II war correspondent Ernie Pyle. Zippo Lighters Windproof have been carried by GIs in every war since World War II to Desert Storm. U.S. Navy ship too, a small auxiliary vessel of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, has its own design Custom Zippo windproof lighter. The Vietnam era Zippo lighters are prized collectibles.

It was decided to redesign the lighter and developed a rectangular box and attach the top of the lighter in the case of a hinge. He kept the fireplace to protect the flame from wind. The result was a lighter that looked good and was easy to operate. Application of the original Zippo patent was filed on 17 May 1934, and patent number 2,032,695 was granted on 3 March 1936. A second patent, number 2517191 was issued on 1 August 1950. The design of lighters, basically remains the same today, with minor improvements

The word "Zippo" was created by Mr. Blaisdell in 1932. He liked the sound of the word "closure" are so different variations of the word and settled on "Zippo," deciding that there was a sound "modern". Zippo Lighters first sale were priced at $ 1.95 each, and were supported by an unconditional guarantee for life – "It works or we fix it free TM

In 1935 he began recording the initials and insignia Zippo metal fixation. The logo of the company first to decorate a Zippo is the Kendall Refining Company. Since 1932, Zippo has manufactured over 400 million windproof lighters. If these lighters were put end to end, stretching from New York to Los Angeles 4 times. Now there are about 12 million lighters a year. Amounts to 80,000 per day. Surprisingly, in the 1950s, a Zippo lighter was removed from the stomach of a fish and he lit on the first try!

More 20 Zippo collectors clubs around the world and it is estimated that about 21% of people who own Zippos are collectors. Collecting Zippos is a great hobby and lighters not hold their value exceptionally well. Zippo collectors are of all ages and come from all over the world. It is never too late to start charging!

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