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Black White

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Black White

White and black

In our mission to maintain the mental strength and mental strength we have to look at the errors and conflicts in our thinking. These "errors of thought "is referred to as the implications of cognitive therapists. The inferences are premises of what we think is happening, has happened or will happen. They are statements of what we believe are the facts and go beyond the immediate and observable evidence. They can be true or false, useful or useless, rational or irrational. Inferences are often severe distortions of reality. This article focuses on one of the most common and unhelpful inferences called "Black and White" thinking

As the name suggests, black and white thinking is when we think of things as they are polarized either one extreme or the other, without acknowledging or taking into account the possibility of any gray area or middle ground. As

The boss is always right.
If you do not love me, you must hate me.
If you are not ready, then you must be stupid.
If you're not thin, then you are fat.
If not for us, then you are against us.
If that's not true, then is a lie

All or nothing
Stay or Go
Right or wrong
Yes or No
Good or bad
Excellent or terrible
Love or hate
Winners and losers

Here is an everyday example. A student may see a test result of 95% or as evidence that is intelligent, while a score 85% will show that it is brainless and thick. As we can see in this example, the black and white thinking is common to those of us with perfectionist traits and can lead feelings of inferiority.

In black and white thinking can also lead to anxiety and low self-esteem. For example, if we are at a social event and someone could find attractive not make eye contact, you can jump to the negative conclusion that we liked and ugly. However, if we smile, you can jump to the opposite conclusion and see this as a test, which are desirable and worthwhile.

Sometimes when we are emotionally stressed and overwhelmed we can fall into the black and white thinking. When we anxious and can not think and reason clearly, we can choose an "either … or …" solution. By doing this we can give quick relief from our pain and bring a temporary end to the discomfort, but we lost the opportunity to reach a more flexible, practical or useful. This is the self-destructive thinking we used as frustrated children, when our thinking is less developed. When people are stressed they often return and "throwing their toys out the pram." For example:

"If I can not have design trainers, I do not want anything,"
"If I'm in goal, I'm not playing … it's my ball and I'm going home "
"Please call me, do not worry about me"
"I want my stapler or can not work"
"Who took my seat, I'm leaving "
"I have my cup of coffee or not" … boo hoo … sob, sob … scream, yell … "

If this seems his office, my details are below.

During these times of global recession and uncertainty, it is understandable that some people can get overwhelmed and afflicted. However, we must resist the temptation to simplistic and polarized thinking. In a recession, we need progressive thinking instead of thinking backward. It is also worth bearing in mind that black and white thinking is used in cults there were no alternatives are given and freethinkers is not allowed.

Stay flexible, be creative, adapt and survive


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