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her cigar

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her cigar
My girlfriend smokes pot, should I hold against her?

I've experimented with it on the past and did not like the reaction. I'm no angel … I drink beer and smoking cigars. We are deeply in love, but I will not allow it either. She did not do it every day and it does not interfere with your work, etc. Is everything can or should be worried about this?

land to which his name is: Marijuana is illegal which means he could be arrested, let alone for is terrible for your body and mind. just because she does every day does not mean that the effects disappear. maraijuana stays in your system after 28 days they do. and she can say it does not interfere with anything but really it does. depending on their age is likely to be illegal to drink and smoke, not to mention if you're drinking in excess of terrible for you, and may cloud his view, and smoking is ruining his lungs. you must be completely within! your girlfriend is doing an illegal drug is harming your body, mind and life.

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