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Lighter Original

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Lighter Original

Should I worry about the creation of the holder of the fireplace or should I go for the lighter fluid instead? These are the most common questions that runs through the mind of cuisines from beginner level. The reason why you should use lighter fluid? It helps to light the charcoal with enough quickly. On the other hand, can leave a horrible taste in food if you pour more than adequate volume of liquid. Instead, you can try using fire starters, that does not require the use of lighter fluids. How? Read on to find out.

To start you need these teams. A charcoal grill, chimney starter, newspapers, lighters (preferably long) and oven mitts to burn prevention.

Step 1
Clean the charcoal grill to remove any taint of previous grillings. Cleaning the grill helps improve the overall quality of their food.

Step 2
Grab your chimney starter and filling a decent amount of charcoal, enough to cover a layer of it on the charcoal grill. If you are unsure then put charcoal on the grill first to measure the quantity is placed in the holder of the fireplace. When this is done, fill the bottom with newspaper or other paper material redundant.

Step 3
Grab your lighter and start to light the newspaper. Make sure this is done on a non-flammable or could have some burns unpleasant later. Once you start recording paper, place the chimney starter somewhere that is safe and watch it burn coal. What would like to see happen is for the fire generated by the newspaper to begin to heat and burn charcoal inside the chimney. Wait until all the coal wood burning starts.

Step 4
Now comes the dangerous part. Carefully hold the starter fireplace with oven mitts and transfer coal burning in the grate. Your next job is then spread the charcoal evenly. You can use any computer to do this, preferably tools with a long handle. When the white ash began to appear on the surface then you're ready to cook!

Enjoyed this walkthrough? Find more charcoal grill tutorials at our blog. We also review the latest grills in the market to help you find your perfect grill.

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