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Lighter Moon

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Lighter Moon
Is it the moon that his lighter in the dark?

How is it possible if only a stone giant as a planet?

The moon is very reflective (so is the Earth and all the other planets). The sun is very bright – Have not you noticed. Everything you see outside during the day is sunlit. Then, the moon. It's that simple. To correct answer first. The phases of the moon are caused by the change in position of the moon, for example, that are several parts of his illuminated face (must count only the sun can shine on one side of the moon). The blockage of sunlight by the Earth is only responsible for relatively rare lunar eclipse – that's what Lunar Eclipse media – the moon is eclipsed (blocking sunlight) by the Earth's shadow. The phases of the moon has nothing to do with the Earth's shadow. (My good, need some sort of basic space education in schools. This is the space age, after all. Show your teacher of my answer, and say that the school needs to have more space / astronomy education.

Nina Gordon “Lighter on the Moon”

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