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montecristo cigar

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montecristo cigar
can store different cigars in the humidor itself?

one person told me that I keep shouldn't 'aroma' pure as the line of well-drawn, (Acid, natural, ragweed) in the same humidor Montecristo, Macanudo, Bolivar, so he's right? said the smell "of the estates noted to enter making cigars for others to take in some of the odor and taste of the farm called. said that sometimes will not hurt the "traditional" cigar but the mixture can be a bad combination. I have no problem getting another humidor, but I will save some money if it isn't isn't right and not a necessity to separate these cigarettes.

I would separate flavored cigars and tasteless. The flavors also seep into the wood of your humidor and impart the flavor into cigars, others much time after a smoked flavor. The longer you smoke, the greater the likelihood of quitting and tastes gravitate to regular snuff cigars. This has been my experience, nothing more. Good luck.

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