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Cigarette Card

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Cigarette Card
Games of old cigarette cards … butterfly, fish, all of them …?

are they worth anything … has not been damaged in a book or .. bonds issued by Brook … in that coffee tea … thats the butterfies .. tea and fish. boxes … akk old money …. so I think 60 …

You never know until someone with knowledge look .. my husband is an antique dealer and has had many people come to him and say that I have this strange issue … But not rare or valuable, Hing but the best thing to do is look around in their own city for someone with knowledge of physics but do not go to watch them sell. If they are really valuable that someone can offer a low price and get cheated … They also go to this website search eBay .. when the type of eBay on the cards Cigarette .. see if there is something similar about yours yours to their history GOOD LUCK EDIT: not sure this is what you have, but go to eBay and search item number: 120441372692 Item number: 360105116253

Polar Exploration Old Cigarette Cards 1916 – Captain Scott

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