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Case Beaded

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Case Beaded
Another museum of questions you know the difference between a man and a female skeleton.?

If your curious about my questions … Heres another. On another visit at other times the museum I saw a Saxon skeleton in a glass case and pondered a moment and thought back to when men went to war and women stayed at home and had submitted their nails to protect the points. I turned back to today. On one side there will be a necklace of amber beads. The skeleton was in good condition and that all the teeth still looking … in that gives me the feeling of respect and compassion. While digging a way for more modern for trafficking in a cemetery was discovered. The museum experts wrote in the card … How is found …. he found … date and likely was a man …. How ignorant they were. I had my doubts. Do you think that a skeleton was male or female.

If you know the difference, absolutely! A medical student and a friend of mine had a skeleton and he told me. A female skeleton was different hip bones. When a child is born a certain type of hipbones expand a little, just enough to let the baby out. This looks like two small cracks, sealed on each side of the pelvic bones, which are sealed again after a birth. This seal cracks are present and visible in the skeleton. I saw it with my own eyes. Each is about 3CMS long and looks like a zigzag line sharp .. I think the museum expert did not know how to recognize signs of a female skeleton, and said "probably a man, simply because he was a man himself and was easy to say. I'd say maybe you should try to find a real female skeleton first and then return to see the skeleton of others to assess. Good luck.

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