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Torch Lighter

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Torch Lighter

No matter how many owned Zippo lighters, you need to know how to change that stone. One of the drawbacks of using a lighter stone is the fact that the stone is worn with use. Knowing how to change the stone will make the process easier. How to change the stone into your lighter? What steps must continue to ensure that they do the job correctly? Below, youll find a useful guide.

Step One: The first thing you'll need do is remove the insertion of the outer casing. This is done by sliding the outer casing down, as if you are going to fill the lighter fluid. Be careful during this process so that will not damage your lighter.

Step Two: Unscrew the tube of stone / Spring Assembly of the bottom of the inner insertion. You will need small flat screwdriver or similar tool (a penny will work) to do this.

Step Three: Remove the screw insertion and ensure spring attached that comes free of insertion, too. Make sure you do not bend or damage the spring during this operation.

Step Four: Verify stone pipe to ensure that no stone is not staying in it. If you find fragments of flint, remove now. Never add flint again if there are fragments in the tube. Step Five: Place the new stone in the tube. Make sure you do not damage the stone, the tube or spring (the spring should be at this point) during this part of the process.

Step Six: Now, gently replace the spring in the tube of the Assembly, taking care not to bend the spring.

Step Seven: The screw around / Spring / tube must slide the insert back inside now. Tighten screw firmly, but not over tighten. Over tightening the screw can lead to damage and could avoid elimination in the future.

Eighth step: Replace the insert inside the outer casing. If the case does not fit correctly, make sure of the screw tube is fully tightened stone. You've now replaced the stone in his Zippo, and the practice of this process is that it is simpler and more easy to achieve and that may end in a matter of few minutes (or seconds, even!)

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Melting pennies with my butane torch lighter

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