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Torch Black

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Torch Black

Power failure may occur at any time. You should be prepared to confront it when it happened. If the ruling is likely to be prepared. The following tips can help. Keep matches, candles and a torch where you can find in the dark. Make sure the battery work of the torch. List Emergency phone numbers for gas and electricity companies and keep it near the phone for quick reference and guidance. Look for the number in its local phone for quick reference and guidance. Find the number in your local phone book now – in the "gas" and "electricity". Your heating Central will probably not work during the black out, so they arrange a room Alternatively, if the weather is cold.

If you have a chimney fire. A gas heater can be lit with matches. If you have a paraffin heater, make sure you have an old fired power stored in the attic take it out and make sure it works. If you suffer frequent power outages, maintain a small camping stove for cooking simple. Follow the instructions Manufacturer carefully. If the electricity fails, find a torch. Turn all appliances and electrical switches off, with the exception of a light switch to you know when the supply has been restored. Do not leave anything on an electric stove, or in front of an electrical fire if the heat comes unexpectedly. The freezer will stay cold for up to 24 hours if the door remains closed.

After that, cook food and then refreeze. If you have a gas cooker, you can still light the stove with a match or manual starter. If successful ignition of the battery, you will be able to use well. Take special care when moving in the dark, especially if you're carrying a candle. If possible, leave a battery lamp on the stairs of light, while the court hard light. When the power is restored Check that electrical appliances are off, but make sure the refrigerator and freezer are on. Electric power automatic timers and clocks have been affected by the court.

I lost the correct time and instructions. The most important is probably central heating controller. Check pilot lights for gas appliances, such as a kitchen or a fire, are functioning properly. Check the information stored in the video, date, time, programs to record. You may need to reschedule it. Look at any other electrical equipment, like a fish tank pump, which could require adjustments.

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