cigar humidifiers


cigar humidifiers
How to taste a cigar without a humidor?

I want coffee cigars, My supplies are endless WhiteOwl Demi-TIPS. I can access any anything but a humidifier or similar device. How do I do?

First, these are pure waste. Secondly, flavored cigarettes not are "good" cigars are flavored for a reason. The snuff used is, literally, trash heaps of cigars that are not very good to begin with, only economic. Third, a HUMIDOR (no humidifier) is used for storage and aging of good cigars to keep his white owls too but why spend money in a humidor before they realize what a good cigar. My suggestion would be to buy 1 or 2 decent cigars in the first place ($ 4.6), try and see if you like. Let the tobacco to make some suggestions based on what you think you would like. That the court you, and show how to properly light a cigar to burn and taste better. Pay attention to what they do with the cutter / scissors, and how light the cigar. You dont need a fancy cutter ($ 2.3 maximum) or lighter (matches Wood will have no problem.) Do not want to sound like an idiot tense, but if you really want to smoke cigars do not waste your money on junk, trust me, you will happy you did.

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