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cigar glamour
Flight Attendants: "I can be flight attendant?

My qualification is that I finished my high school and 1 year diploma in Aviation, Hospitality TRVL and Management and have a good experience in handling ticket sales. I am well prepared and have the determination to work. My back is im only "5" high. I am very desperate, eager to work and fascinated during the flight. I m not a mirage love its becoz, becoz his way of assuming the responsibilities, givng good service to passengers der and care for them and information they do not even take simple things like a pure liquid or can be dangerous … etc. I love being an auxiliary flight. Is it impossible to become MY draw backs ????? If it is impossible that enables airlines to become a flight attendant for me ?????????? please help me. Best Regards.

Its height is a draw could back.You being recruited as too low attendant.You might want to check the criteria required from airlines flight attendants.Good their fate.

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