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Smokeless Ashtray

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Smokeless Ashtray
Keeping room with no smell of smoke.?

My father smokes a carton a week. I wonder what is best to use to maintain the house stinks so bad. fan in the window, Smokeless Ashtray, ionizer, or something else. Apart from quiting.

Sorry for my mother-in-law smokes. Really is difficult to control the odor and the need for a multi-prone, concerted effort. They sell candles from smoking, oder Ozium spray to remove smoke, or spray disinfectant fabreeze tissue carpets, upholstery and fabric items, and ionizers Smokeless Ashtrays help, addressed the exhaust fans, while the person is smoking and help move the air to that the smoke does not have time to completely infiltrate everything in the room, baking soda, borax or fresh carpet sprayed on the carpet to help absorb and bowls vinegar placed around the house do the same. Nonsmokers will always be able to tell a smoker who lived in a house, but these methods are intolerable for a non-smoker to live with a smoker …

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